Going Green With Your Plumbing System in 2015

Going green with your plumbing system is a smart decision because this is good for the environment, can help you reduce your home’s energy costs as well as bring your home into a healthier perspective. If you’re interested to going green, read on as the following suggestions can help you turn your plumbing system into a green approach.

The cost of going green with your home plumbing system is fairly cheap. More importantly, going green will also help you reduce your water usage and energy costs in the long run. This investment is guaranteed to make you end up paying low energy bill every month. It will offer you cleaner water and more valuable water resources. When you look at the future, it is safe to say that going green will serve a better world for your children and grandchildren.

How Going Green Helps Reduce Energy Use

  • Insulate Pipes. Pipes that are not insulated, particularly in external walls are responsible for a substantial amount of heat loss since water flows from the hot water heater through the faucet. Insulating the pipes helps to remove this problem and to cut energy loss at hot water heater as well as save utility bills.
  • Eliminate plumbing pipes from external walls. If you can, remove the plumbing pipes from the external walls. Through running pipes across conditioned spaces, you will reduce unfavorable heat loss due to close proximity and cold temperature outdoor.
  • Install on-demand hot water circulation pump. This type of pump sends hot water to your water fixtures in just a couple of seconds, which lets you save money in the process. For beginners, you would not lose heat as hot water unfavorably sits unexploited in the pipes. Also, since you would not have to run water at the faucet as you wait for the hot water to come, you will significantly decrease your water consumption as well.

green plumbing

How Going Green Helps to Achieve a Healthier Home

Aside from improving your energy efficiency, going green with your plumbing system puts great emphasis to achieving a healthier home. The following are the ways to achieve such aim. Srigley Street, a plumbing company from Newmarket, gives us the following tips:

  • Check the water supply.  For beginners, acquire a copy of your local water quality report or have your water tested to determine any problems you need to attend to. Since various water purification and filtration systems target different issues on water quality, it is crucial to know what you are dealing with before moving forward.
  • Install a centralized water filtration system. A centralized water filtration system can remove the presence of particulates, chemicals and water microorganisms. This will let you enjoy healthier water for you and your family. Also, this will also help extend the life of your plumbing fixtures and hot water heaters in spaces which have high levels of sediment within the water supply.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed with the proposition of going green, but definitely, there is nothing to be unsure and worry about as any step you take in going green is a smart choice. You can hold on to that.   Make sure to check out our solutions page for more information.

These 3 Myths May Cause Severe Dents in Your Plumbing System

When you think about plumbing, you won’t give it so much thought since you would just ignore it for so many reasons. However, you must bear in mind that plumbing issues should not be taken for granted nor ignored since this could become a serious matter in the long run. When matters become worst about your plumbing system, you might come to realize the importance of its proper maintenance and repair every now and then. In today’s world, you will surely appreciate your plumbing system’s utmost performance when you get to experience the worst-case scenarios of having a dysfunctional plumbing structure in the past.

plumbing system

You ought to know the basics in plumbing especially the minor repairs so that you can watch over the structure as often as possible preventing a much severe damage in continuous usage. Despite your consistent monitoring, there will come a time that your plumbing system will cause you inconvenience due to some mistaken beliefs that you might be practicing since time immemorial. You might consider the following listings so you would know the probable reasons why your plumbing system needs some major repairs from time to time. You need to be wary as you might be shocked when you find out that your plumbing issues are often times the effect of all your wrongdoings and misconceptions.


The presence of lemons in your kitchen sink as well as in dumping the garbage will entirely disinfect the whole area.

Well, a number of believers may find this to be true as the lemon juice can certainly dust off all the metallic materials within your plumbing system, but there’s definitely a catch to such misunderstanding. The catch here is that the lemon juice’s acidic content can ultimately cause the metals to become weaker that may lead to the plumbing structure’s deterioration. Instead of lemons, you might want to replace it with a few ice cubes so you can fully disinfect the intended area.

Making use of in-tank toilet bowl cleaners can totally solve all your toilet problem needs.

You might be one of the few who actually believed and patronize such kind of product since it has been advertised to be the all-in-one product for all your toilet bowl concerns. The truth is, in-tank toilet cleaners can actually keep your bowls and the whole area cleaned and bleached but sooner or later, it could mess up the toilet without you noticing it. It would be best that you use vinegar in cleaning and disinfecting your toilet bowls as this won’t cause any severe damage in due time.

Letting the water flow when you are dumping your garbage can help you secure the prevention of any blockage. 

You might be thinking that the running water won’t allow any waste build-up that could possibly block the drainage when in fact; the continuous water flow can do nothing if there’s already some blockage within that particular area. Putting this myth into practice is a total no-no.

Well, there are other ways in addressing your plumbing issues depending on its severity. If it’s just minor concerns, you should regard this matter right away especially if you know how to fix it on your own. In some cases wherein major repairs need to be attended, don’t ever hesitate to ask some professional assistance from the most trusted plumbing service provider in town. If you are in the Thornhill, ON area, be sure to call Prompt Plumbing and Drainage at 647-496-1164.

Locate Your Furnace’s Filter in Less Than 60 Seconds

People who have their furnace system at home keep on asking themselves. “Does my furnace have a filter”? This is a commonly asked question by those people who are not aware of where furnace filters are located. When you move to your brand new home and the furnace system is not new to you, you’ll be required to locate for its filter. And, this may be a bit difficult task for you. Don’t wait to change your filters before it is too late!

Step 1: Furnace filter location is primarily located somewhere close to the location of the fan.

This is common to all types of heating furnaces such as oil furnaces, gas furnaces, electric furnaces and air conditioners. Even those individuals who have been working in the HVAC industry for a couple of years are assured that furnace system installed at home have its own filters. The only difficulty that you may experience is on determining the exact location of the filters.

Step 2: Furnace filters can also be found behind the panel which is right through the opening of a duct.

This can also be found behind other equipment to keep them shielded from view. The main purpose of putting the filters behind other items is on preventing immediate damages to all other components. This is the reason why this should be found anywhere for that safe and effective work. Manufacturers of this equipment choose a designated area wherein filters can be installed in front of the fan components.
Oftentimes, you may also find filters in the duct system or in the up streams of the air handler position. This is the location of the furnace filter as far as air conditioning and older heating system are concerned. The ideal place to start locating furnace filters is right through the location of the air handles. If it is not located there, you need to work on your way back to search for the filter. This is because it can surely be located anywhere. Sometimes, you may find this at the air grill opening and at the air grill itself.
It may also be possible that there is no furnace filter is installed in your furnace system at home. It may have been removed but not replaced. There are times that the manufacturer does not install it in the system. If this is the case, you need to let your furnace undergo a series of tests and examinations to keep everything safe. And at the same time, the filters will be now installed.
Without the presence of filters in your furnace system, the airflow in the whole system will be very poor. It may eventually lead to unsafe issues. This can also add inefficiency to the cooling and heating equipment that you have at home.


Step 3: Poor airflow can lead to a huge number of problems in your furnace.

Remember to checkout PureFilters, they have some of the best furnace filters Canada has to offer! If the heat exchanger heats up immediately, it can crack or wrap. This can cause carbon monoxide leak and unexpected fire. Failure to have filters in your furnace system may cause a lot of problems. This is the reason why as early as now you need to determine where the exact location of the furnace is. This is to be sure of the safety at all times!