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Locate Your Furnace’s Filter in Less Than 60 Seconds

People who have their furnace system at home keep on asking themselves. “Does my furnace have a filter”? This is a commonly asked question by those people who are not aware of where furnace filters are located. When you move to your brand new home and the furnace system is not new to you, you’ll be required to locate for its filter. And, this may be a bit difficult task for you. Don’t wait to change your filters before it is too late!

Step 1: Furnace filter location is primarily located somewhere close to the location of the fan.

This is common to all types of heating furnaces such as oil furnaces, gas furnaces, electric furnaces and air conditioners. Even those individuals who have been working in the HVAC industry for a couple of years are assured that furnace system installed at home have its own filters. The only difficulty that you may experience is on determining the exact location of the filters.

Step 2: Furnace filters can also be found behind the panel which is right through the opening of a duct.

This can also be found behind other equipment to keep them shielded from view. The main purpose of putting the filters behind other items is on preventing immediate damages to all other components. This is the reason why this should be found anywhere for that safe and effective work. Manufacturers of this equipment choose a designated area wherein filters can be installed in front of the fan components.
Oftentimes, you may also find filters in the duct system or in the up streams of the air handler position. This is the location of the furnace filter as far as air conditioning and older heating system are concerned. The ideal place to start locating furnace filters is right through the location of the air handles. If it is not located there, you need to work on your way back to search for the filter. This is because it can surely be located anywhere. Sometimes, you may find this at the air grill opening and at the air grill itself.
It may also be possible that there is no furnace filter is installed in your furnace system at home. It may have been removed but not replaced. There are times that the manufacturer does not install it in the system. If this is the case, you need to let your furnace undergo a series of tests and examinations to keep everything safe. And at the same time, the filters will be now installed.
Without the presence of filters in your furnace system, the airflow in the whole system will be very poor. It may eventually lead to unsafe issues. This can also add inefficiency to the cooling and heating equipment that you have at home.


Step 3: Poor airflow can lead to a huge number of problems in your furnace.

Remember to checkout PureFilters, they have some of the best furnace filters Canada has to offer! If the heat exchanger heats up immediately, it can crack or wrap. This can cause carbon monoxide leak and unexpected fire. Failure to have filters in your furnace system may cause a lot of problems. This is the reason why as early as now you need to determine where the exact location of the furnace is. This is to be sure of the safety at all times!